Desktop Visualizer

Desktop Visualizer

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Price: Free

One of the great things about Android is the level of customisation that it allows you to carry out. With a few simple apps you can pretty much change the whole look and feel of the OS. Take Desktop Visualizer, for example. It allows you to create shortcut icons that you can then assign to a specific application or function.

For example, you could create an icon that you use for one-touch dialling of a friend, or one that launches your favourite website. Any image can be turned into an icon and icons can also be created in a range of sizes. As a result, you can create a more tiled look to your home page, similar to the look of Windows Mobile 7, rather than one with lots of individual icons scattered around.


Desktop Visualizer makes it easy to create your own customised icons to quickly access apps, websites, contacts and more.

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