Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS

Website: Handcent SMS

Price: Free

The Android SMS application leaves a lot to be desired, which is where Handcent SMS comes in. It’s an enhanced SMS messaging app that adds many of the features that arguably should have been included in the standard SMS app.

One of its best features is the way it pops up text messages on your screen complete with the person’s contact info and photo (if you’ve added one), along with a text entry box so you can immediately reply. There are plenty of other cool features including support for text signatures and the ability to batch send the same message to a number of different contacts. It even allows you to convert speech to text so you can simply dictate your text message or alternatively you can use the text-to-speech feature to have Handcent SMS read out your incoming messages.


Handcent SMS is a much classier way to handle text messaging on Android handsets.

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