Website: Vignette

Price: £2.49

Cameraphone snaps can look a little bit dull and flat, especially on some of the mid and lower end Android handsets that have less advanced cameras. One way to add more interest to your photos is to use an app like Vignette.

Essentially it’s a camera app that can be used to replace the standard one loaded on your phone. However, the clever bit is that it provides loads of very usable filters and effects. For example, you can use the ‘Porta’ effect to smooth out skin tones to produce more flattering portraits or switch to the ‘Ilford’ effect to create classy black and white shots. There are also a whole load of photo frame effects including one that simulates the look of old Polaroid shots.


Vignette’s high quality effects are a great way to jazz up the shots from your phone’s camera.

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