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SwiftKey Keyboard Free

SwiftKey Keyboard Free

Android Market link: SwiftKey Keyboard Free - £Free

There are plenty of replacement software keyboards available for Android, and which one you choose is certainly a matter of personal preference. However, SwiftKey is definitely one of the better ones around and as there’s a free trial version available there’s no reason not to give it a go.

It differs from most other keyboards in that it scans your messages to get a feel for how you type and then uses this information to improve its predictive engine. In fact, it doesn’t just predict the word you’re currently typing, but also tries to predict what’s coming next. Predictions expire after 31 days with this free version, but the full version only costs £1.24 so it’s not exactly expensive.


Switfkey’s excellent auto-correction features and intelligent predictive engine make it one of the better software keyboards available for Android.

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