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AndroMote Remote Control

AndroMote Remote Control

Android Market link: AndroMote Remote Control - £Free

If you have UPnP devices around your home, such as network media players and NAS drives with built-in media servers, then AndroMote is definitely worth having on your phone.

It works on two levels. First, you can use it as a remote control with UPnP network media players to control the playback of media on your networked devices. But as well as this, AndroMote can also turn your phone into a networked media player enabling you to access content held on UPnP servers.

You can use it to view photos, watch videos or listen to music. However, it works best for music streaming as there’s no thumbnail view for picture albums so it’s difficult to know what picture you’re about to call up and it can’t stream videos, but instead has to download them first.


AndroMote isn’t the most user-friendly app around, but it’s handy to have if you want to stream music to your phone from a UPnP media server.

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