CamCard Lite

CamCard Lite

Android Market link: CamCard Lite - £Free

When you get home from a meeting where you’ve made new contacts you’ll often find yourself with a pocket full of business cards. After a long day at work the last thing you want to do is start transcribing these into your contacts book. The answer is to forget about tackling the process manually and instead just let your phone do all the hard work.

With CamCard, all you have to do is place the card on a flat surface, point your phone’s camera at it and take a picture. CamCard then analyses the image and enters the text and numbers into the relevant fields in your phone’s address book. This free version is limited to 10 card scans per week, but the full version, which costs £4.36, removes this limitation.


If you often find yourself manually transcribing business card contact details into your phone, then downloading CamCard Lite is a no brainer.

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