Remote Web Desktop

Remote Web Desktop

Android Market link: Remote Web Desktop - £Free

Remote Web Desktop is a brilliant app for your phone that allows you to log in and control your handset from a PC via a web desktop interface over either a USB or Wi-Fi connection. Once you’ve logged in to your phone you can use the web desktop to carry out a whole load of neat tasks. For example, you can manage files on you phone’s SD card and transfer them between your phone and your computer.

There’s also a Wi-Fi keyboard where you can type on your phone using your computer’s keyboard and the software even allows you to share a text clipboard between your PC and phone. We also love the way you can use your PC to manage and send SMS messages via your phone as well as the ability to upload new wallpapers for your handset.


Remote Web Desktop is a seriously cool piece of software that gives you comprehensive control over your phone from any desktop PC.

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