Seek Droid

Seek Droid

Android Market link: Seek Droid - £0.61

There’s probably no other piece of technology that’s more personal than your phone. It’s where we store our contacts, emails, SMS messages, photos and more. It’s little wonder then that most of us are paranoid about losing our handsets.

However, Seek Droid can provide you with some piece of mind as it lets you remotely locate your device, lock it, wipe it and check for recent calls. You can even hide the app from the app drawer so as to keep it from being uninstalled. It’s easy to set up as you simply download it to your phone and then set your own unique code that you can use later to access your phone remotely. When you need to track your phone you just go to the web interface using your PC’s browser and enter your Pin code.


Seek Droid provides a great way to track down your phone, whether you’ve left it in a bar or just misplaced it at home.

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