Flight Control

Flight Control

Android Market link: Flight Control - £1.85

Flight Control is yet another game that started out its life on Apple’s iPhone but has now made its way to Android. Although the 2D graphics look quite simple, it’s the game play that’s really the key to Flight Control’s charm.

The game is initially very easy to play. You simply route planes that are coming in to land onto the correct landing strip by drawing a flight path on the screen with your finger. However, the difficulty level gradually becomes more taxing as you begin to deal with many different types of aircraft coming in to land at the same time.

As they’re all travelling at different airspeeds mapping out to best landing routes becomes devilishly difficult. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself completely addicted. In fact, the only real issue we have with the Android version is that at £1.85, it’s a good deal dearer than the iPhone version, which costs just 59p.


It’s easy to see why this game has been such a hit on the iPhone and we expect it to be just as popular on Android.

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