Moon Maps

Moon Maps

Android Market link: Moon Maps - £Free

If exploring our planet with Google Maps doesn't excite you enough, then take a peek at Moon Maps instead. This app pretty much does what it says on the tin. It allows you to explore maps of the Moon on your phone. You can choose to view either images that have been grabbed by the Clementine craft, which launched in 1994, or the older Lunar Orbiter, which blaster off in 1966 - although obviously the Clementine images tend to be sharper.

You can pan around the images and zoom in on them, and interesting areas are highlighted and labelled with colour-coded text. There’s also a searchable database of lunar features such as the Apollo landing sites. As you type in the search box, suggestions appear beneath and to visit them you just tap on the relevant entry in the list.


Moon Maps isn’t exactly an essential app to have on your phone, but it does provide an interesting and fun diversion.

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