Awesome Drop

Awesome Drop

Android Market link: Awesome Drop - £Free

Awesome Drop comes in handy when you want to get files onto your phone, but don’t have a USB cable to hand or aren’t able to install software on the host computer.

To use the service you just install the Awesome Drop app on your phone and then call up the Awesome Drop web page on the computer you happen to be using. You then simply enter the code that appears in the browser into the app on your phone and the Awesome Drop website sets up a connection between the two.

To transfer files you drag them into the ‘Drop Files Here’ box on the website and then wait for them to upload to your handset. There’s no limit on the types of files you can use and transfers work over Wi-Fi or 3G. The only downside is that you can only transfer files to your phone, you can’t upload them from your phone to the PC.


Awesome Drop may only allow one-way traffic, but it’s a great service that’ll come in handy when you’re using a PC you’re not allowed to install additional software on.

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