Website: B.iCycle

Price: £0.84

B.iCycle was originally developed for the iPhone, but the author has now ported it to the Android platform. It mimics the functionality of a GPS enabled bicycle computer, but adds a few interesting extra ingredients into the mix.

The large and clean user interface presents you with useful information such as current speed, average speed, total distance covered, climbed altitude and calories burned. On top of this, it also plots your progress using maps from the OpenStreetMap service. You can set it to log a GPS trace of your trip and email it to you so you can view it later via Google Earth or share it with other bikers.

Because it uses OpenStreetMap, it can download these maps to your phone’s SD card, which helps to save on battery life when you’re out on your ride.


Bi.Cycle is a cheap and cheerful bike computer that packs in some really neat and useful features.

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