QwikList Voice

QwikList Voice

Website: QwikList Voice

Price: £1.28

QwikList Voice is a handy homescreen widget that enables you to use your voice to create lists, send SMS messages or add Google Calendar entries to your phone. It employs Google Voice to convert speech to text so if your phone doesn’t work with Google voice then it won’t work with this app either.

When you go to place it on your homescreen, you’ll find that there are two differently sized widgets available: 1x1 or 2x2 sized widgets. The former only allows you to record speech while the later adds the ability to move between different lists.

The app is quite straightforward to use and along with voice input, you can now add items to lists by scanning their barcode.


The results of the voice recognition are best when it’s used in a quiet room, but QwikList is still a handy and well thought out widget.

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