RD3 - Groovebox

RD3 - Groovebox

Website: RD3 - Groovebox

Price: Free or £2.97 for full version

If you’re into dance music and fancy having a bash at creating your own tunes, RD3 Groovebox is a good place to start. It provides you with an old school drum machine in the vein of the Roland 909 that you can use to create you own beats.

Then across the top of these beats, you can add a bassline using the Roland 303 style synth that comes complete with squelchy filters that have easy to use cut off and resonance controls.

The app also includes a mixer, which turns out to be a simple sequencer that enables you to string together different baselines and drum patterns to create a full tune.


RD3 - Groovebox is great fun to play around with and the straightforward controls mean even novices can get good results out of it quite quickly.

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