Website: UpSoundDown

Price: Free

A year or so ago, Samsung introduced a neat feature on many of its handsets equipped with accelerometers where if you turned the phone face up on a desk it would automatically switch to speakerphone mode.

Seeing as all Android phones have accelerometers, the makers of this app figured that it would be easy to add this functionality to Android and so they developed UpSoundDown.

With the app running in the background, to activate the feature all you have to do is either flip the phone upside-down while you’re on a call or lay it down on a table and the handset will automatically turn on the speakerphone. To turn it off again you just pick up the phone or turn it upright.


UpSoundDown is an uncomplicated app that adds a clever feature to your Android phone. If you frequently make use of your handset’s speakerphone, then it’s well worth a download.

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