Need for Speed Shift

Need for Speed Shift

Website: Need for Speed Shift

Price: £3

One of the big problems with the Android platform at the moment is the lack of quality 3D arcade titles. Need For Speed Shift goes someway towards addressing this issue.

It’s only designed for newer Android handsets running fast Snapdragon processors, but boy does it show off the more advanced hardware that these devices use. The 3D graphics are hugely impressive thanks to the fluid frame rate and detailed models and backgrounds.

Thankfully, the racing is top-notch too. The accelerometer steering control works well and there are onscreen buttons for braking or changing the camera angle. As with most 3D racing titles, you start with a meagre selection of cars and have to win races to gradually unlock models that are more powerful.


Excellent 3D graphics and addictive gameplay makes Need for Speed Shift perhaps the best racing title on Android at the moment.

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