NetFront Life Browser

NetFront Life Browser

Website: NetFront Life Browser

Price: Free

NetFront Life Browser is yet another web browser for Android. Thankfully, it has some neat tricks up its sleeve that make it worth a gander.

The browser is based on webkit and supports the usual features you’d expect such as tabs, bookmarks and page zooming. However, it adds some interesting ones on top such as screen tilting where you can tilt your phone at any angle - even 45 degrees - and the browser will render the page at that angle. It also beautifully renders bookmarks and history with thumbnail images of the various sites you’ve visited.

And while rendering speeds aren’t quite as good as the standard Android browser, the app is very new and likely to improve over time so we’re willing to cut it some slack. Unfortunately, those with older handsets will not be able to use it, as it’s available for Android 2.1 and 2.2 devices only.


It’s still early days, but Life Browser has some interesting features that make it one to keep an eye on.

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