Wave Blazer

Wave Blazer

Website: Wave Blazer

Price: Free for one level, $2.99 for full version

Wave Blazer is yet another welcome addition to the gradually expanding line-up of 3D arcade games appearing on Android. If you’ve played Midway’s Hydro Thunder in the arcades or on the Sega Dreamcast console then you’ll have a good idea of what the action entails.

You’re put in charge of a speedy powerboat that you have to guide around a tricky course within a competitive time in order to move on to the next level. The 3D graphics are pretty impressive as there are plenty of buildings, ramps and obstacles to add interest to the courses, and with a solid selection of different powerboats and courses there’s enough to keep you coming back for more. However, be warned, the game can be a bit sluggish and jerky on less powerful handsets.


The handling of the boats could certainly be improved, but overall Wave Blazer provides enough thrills to warrant its fairly low price tag.

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