Layar Reality Browser

Layar Reality Browser

Company: Layar

Price: Free

Layar is an augmented reality browser that’s able to superimpose useful information about nearby services over the top of a live image from your phone’s camera. You choose the type of information you want to view by selecting and deselecting layers, which are essentially databases of information.

For example, there’s a layer that covers train stations and another that contains a list of Irish bars! The latest version of the application now also has a 'stream' view. Instead of waiting for you to actually search for stuff nearby, it simply creates a stream of relevant information and presents it as a text list with a compass view at the top.

You can also limit the information displayed by adjusting the number of kilometres from your location that searches should cover.


Layar used to be pretty much a novelty app, but it’s fast developing into something that’s really rather useful.

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