Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser

Company: Dolphin Browser

Price: Free for the ad-supported version.

The Dophin browser was one of the first alternative browsers available for Android and one of the first to take advantage of multi-touch when Google finally integrated it into the OS.

Its makers describe it as a social browser thanks to the way it integrates with some social networking sites. For example, you can post links directly from the browser to a number of social networks including Facebook and Twitter.

There are also some other neat features including the ability to define gestures for tasks such as opening a new tab or moving back and forth through pages. However, the user interface isn’t as intuitive as perhaps it should be and the browser can feel sluggish on less powerful handsets. An improved 'HD' version has recently been released for handsets running V2.1 and 2.2 of Android.


It’s unlikely to work as a complete replacement for your standard Android browser, but Dolphin has enough interesting features to be worth a download.

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