xScope Lite

xScope Lite

Company: xScope Mobile

Price: Free

If you’ve tried Dolphin and Skyfire and they’re just not doing it for you then you might want to have a play around with xScope, especially if you’ve got a handset that doesn’t support multi-touch. This is because one of the most interesting aspects of this browser is that it supports three different zooming methods.

As well as the traditional double tap zooming that’s familiar to all Android users and pinch to zoom, which works on handsets with capacitive screens, xScope also has a one finger zoom method where you tap and then hold to zoom in and out.

This has much the same feel and functionality of pinch to zoom, but works on non-capacitive handsets. But it’s not just the zooming that makes xScope appealing; it’s also very fast at loading and rendering pages, the tab browsing works well and it lets you download pretty much any file type from the net. However, the browser isn’t quite as polished as some of its rivals just yet.


xScope can be a bit rough around the edges, but it’s fast and has some great features.

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