Flick Kick Football

Flick Kick Football

Android Market link: Flick Kick Football - £0.62

Were you a fan or Subbuteo and football comics when you were young? If so, Flick Kick Football will likely bring a tear of nostalgia to your eye thanks to its retro graphics and straightforward, yet addictive gameplay.

The game really is very simple. You take control of a player who’s lined up in front of the goal and you just flick your finger up the screen to take your shot. However, you can add spin to the ball by swiping in a curve and increase the power of your shot by making longer swipes. There are two game modes to choose from and the online scoreboard allows you to see how you rank against the best players.


It’s not the most complicated game in the world, but Flick Kick Football has ace retro graphics and is great fun to play.

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