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Pixelpipe Upload & Post

Pixelpipe Upload & Post

Android Market link: Pixelpipe Upload & Post - £Free

If you’re a video, photo and audio junkie and love social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, then Pixelpipe should be right up your street. The app offers one-click uploading to almost 100 different sites ranging from the usual suspects such as YouTube, Twitter and Picasa to less well known ones like Hi5.

From the Pixelpipe media browser you can preview your media files, add titles and tags and then choose the ones that you want to post to your chosen site. For some sites, you can even add text posts to go alongside your photo or video and we like the way that the app adds its own share option to the standard Android gallery. As a result, you don’t actually have to open the main app to upload your media if you don’t want to.


Pixelpipe takes the hassle out of uploading your media to your favourite social networking sites.

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