Android Market link: Winamp - £Free

In the early days of MP3s on PCs, there was only really one music player that everybody used: Winamp. It packed good features and impressive sound quality into a small, neat package. Now Nullsoft has ported it across to Android and thankfully it retains the same user-friendly interface.

The software is still in beta and a little rough around the edges, but it’s definitely worth a download for a number of reasons. Chief among these is the way it can sync music with the desktop version of Winamp. This makes it easy to transfer tracks and playlists to your phone, especially as the software supports wireless syncing. It also gives you access to shedloads of SHOUTcast music stations and there’s integration with services like the Amazon MP3 store and too.


As it’s still in beta, there are a few issues that need to be sorted out, but Winamp looks like it’s developing into a neat little music-playing app for your phone.

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