Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

Android Market link: Fruit Ninja - £0.74

Fruit Ninja is so good that Google used it as part of its recent Honeycomb demonstration. Naturally, this piece of prime time exposure pushed it up the rankings in the Android Market making it one of the most popular Android games at the moment.

As with all good arcade titles, the premise is pretty simple: You’re a Ninja that just loves to slice up fruit! As the fruit is chucked up from the bottom of the screen, you have to chop it up by swiping your finger across your handset’s display. If you miss a piece, you receive a cross against your name. Rack up three of these and it’s game over. So, basically, you have to achieve as high a score as possible before you hit three strikes.


Fruit Ninja isn’t exactly complicated, but it is highly addictive, hugely fun to play and so simple that anyone can pick it up and have a go.

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