Pulse News reader

Pulse News Reader

Android Market link: Pulse News Reader - £Free

Android isn’t exactly short of impressive news readers, but there’s always room for one more if its something a bit special, and Pulse News Reader definitely falls into this category. What separates it from many of its competitors is the way it displays news culled from websites and blogs as a series of scrollable mosaic titles.

Individual sources are arranged vertically, and you scroll sideways to view more stories from that particular website or blog. Scrolling up and down, on the other hand, reveals more news sources. To read an individual story you just tap on its tile. Pulse also makes it easy to add, delete or sort your news sources and you can post links to Facebook and Twitter with just two taps.


Pulse News Reader's superb mosaic-style interface makes it a pleasure to use for browsing through all your favourite news feeds.

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