Retro Camera Plus

Retro Camera Plus

Android Market link: Retro Camera Plus - £1.86

You may have a multi-megapixel snapper on your Android handset, but that doesn’t mean you always want your shots to have that clinically clean digital feel to them. Sometimes you just want to recreate the down and dirty look of older analogue cameras.

Obviously inspired by Hipstamatic on the iPhone, Retro Camera Plus offers up five different recreations of analogue style snappers ranging from a Polaroid model to a basic Pinhole camera. Each adds its own unique characteristics like colours hues and noise to the resulting picture helping to create aching cool snaps. Our only slight bugbear is that the retro user interface only offers a titchy viewfinder that can make it a little bit difficult to frame your shots.


The viewfinder is a bit on the small side, but Retro Camera Plus creates great looking analogue shots that are excellent for uploading to social media sites.

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