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  1. Camera Test: iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S5 vs LG G3

    Does Apple beat Android in the camera stakes?

    1 Oct 2014
  2. Windows 10 Features: What's new?

    How Microsoft is going to take it to Apple and Google

    30 Sep 2014
  3. Samsung’s laptop snub raises the stakes for Windows 9

    The future of the laptop depends on it

    29 Sep 2014
  4. iOS 8 Metal

    iOS 8 Metal Explained: How does it affect your iPhone or iPad?

    What is iOS 8 Metal and how will it improve iOS gaming?

    26 Sep 2014
  5. Google Now

    Google Now Tips and Tricks

    How to make the most of Google's wonder-tool

    25 Sep 2014
  6. BB

    BlackBerry Passport vs iPhone 6

    Which of these super-smart smartphones should you buy?

    24 Sep 2014
  7. EE LTE

    What is VoLTE? The missing iPhone 6 feature in the UK

    Why the future of phone calls is HD

    23 Sep 2014
  8. 125 years of Nintendo: The highs and the lows

    Happy Birthday Nintendo! We look at some of the highs and lows in its history

    23 Sep 2014
  9. iOS 8 Tips, Tricks and Secrets

    UDPATED: Four new tips added

    22 Sep 2014
  10. Video

    Best Video Calling apps: Which one to download?

    Find out where to spend time having face-to-face chats

    22 Sep 2014
  11. Kindle Voyage

    Amazon Kindle Voyage: 6 Features to get excited about

    Why this premium e-reader could be worth the price

    20 Sep 2014
  12. David Cage

    Why David Cage should play The Last of Us

    Storyline in The Last of Us shone through the AAA fog

    19 Sep 2014
  13. iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha

    It's battle of the metal smartphones...

    19 Sep 2014
  14. iOS 8

    iOS 8 Download: Should you update your iPhone or iPad?

    UPDATED: Should you download iOS 8 to your iPhone?

    19 Sep 2014
  15. Galaxy Note 4

    Samsung’s iPhone 6 Plus jibes prove it still fears Apple

    OPINION: Samsung doth protest too much, methinks

    19 Sep 2014
  16. iOS keyboard

    Best iOS 8 Keyboards: Swype, SwiftKey, Minuum and more

    There's more than one way to type on your new iPhone

    17 Sep 2014
  17. iPhone 6 vs HTC One M8

    Is the new iPhone a match for our favourite Android phone?

    16 Sep 2014
  18. Apple Watch vs Samsung Gear S

    Apple and Samsung battle it out for a space on your wrist

    15 Sep 2014
  19. Apple Watch vs Moto 360: Which beautiful smartwatch is best?

    It's square vs round, Apple vs Google

    13 Sep 2014
  20. IDF 2014: The highlights of Intel’s Annual Forum

    Smart wheelchairs, beer serving robots and autonomous drones

    13 Sep 2014