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  1. Android M 25

    Android Wear: What's new?

    Look out Apple, Google's bringing new apps, fitness and lots of choice

    29 May 2015
  2. Android Pay

    Android Pay vs Apple Pay: How do they compare?

    It's battle of the mobile payment services...

    29 May 2015
  3. Android M 39

    Android M features: What's new?

    Everything you need to know about the latest version of Android

    28 May 2015
  4. Project Brillo 7

    What are Project Brillo and Google Weave?

    Making sense of the IoT

    28 May 2015
  5. Google IO

    Google I/O 2015: Everything that happened

    What did Google reveal at I/O 2015?

    28 May 2015
  6. G4 Zip 7

    LG G4 vs iPhone 6: How do they compare?

    Updated: How does LG's flagship measure up against Apple's?

    27 May 2015
  7. Apple Watch vs Moto 360

    Apple Watch vs Android Wear: Smartwatch OS Comparison

    Updated: How do the smartwatch platforms compare?

    27 May 2015
  8. PS4 vs Xbox One

    PS4 vs Xbox One

    UPDATED: New games, enhanced features and more make the competition even closer

    27 May 2015
  9. Xperia Z3 head to head

    Head to Head: Why the Sony Xperia Z3 Plus has us divided

    Was Sony right to launch the Z3+? We discuss...

    27 May 2015
  10. smartphone camera 5

    Five smartphone camera features serious photographers will love

    How the phone in your pocket is becoming a great tool for photographers

    27 May 2015
  11. GTA 5 Mods

    Best GTA 5 Mods

    We collect the best and craziest mods made for GTA 5

    27 May 2015
  12. brain test 5

    Watching 3D makes you smarter. Will it save 3D cinema? Probably not… 

    We put our brain under the stereoscopic microscope

    26 May 2015
  13. Xperia Z3 Plus press images 9

    Sony Xperia Z3+ vs Sony Xperia Z3: What's new?

    Has Sony improved upon last year's flagship phone?

    26 May 2015
  14. ZX Spectrum Vega

    ZX Spectrum Vega: The story behind the Speccy’s (second) second coming

    We chat to Sir Clive Sinclair and co about Speccy's revival

    25 May 2015
  15. Smart Home 5

    9 crazy smart home gadgets you didn’t know existed

    Who wouldn't want an Android compatible toothbrush?

    25 May 2015
  16. weekend streaming 5

    Weekend Streaming: What to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video

    Our new weekly round-up of the new films and TV series to enjoy

    22 May 2015
  17. Apple Tv set

    Week in Tech: Apple can conquer television without a TV set

    OPINION: Is Spotify’s expansion into video a defensive move?

    22 May 2015
  18. PacMan

    10 things you didn’t know about Pac-Man

    In celebration of ol' chompy's 35th birthday...

    22 May 2015
  19. WWDC 2015

    WWDC 2015 - What to expect

    Updated: What will Apple's next big developer event reveal?

    22 May 2015
  20. Pac-Man

    35 years of Pac-Man: The 24 kilobytes that changed the world

    We take a look at the history of gaming's first truly famous face

    22 May 2015