Last minute gift ideas? Our Christmas wishlist is full of geekspiration

The TrustedReviews Christmas Wishlist 2016: Our team rounds up the gadgets and gifts we’d like Santa to deliver this year to help inspire your last minute shopping…

Christmas is nearly here, and with things starting to feel very festive indeed, we thought we’d share a small sampling of what we’re hoping to find under the tree come December 25.

Our Gaming Editor wants a phone, the Mobile Editor wonders if you’d so kindly dingle his dongle, and our Wearables and Fitness Editor just wants some goddamn lean chicken delivered, OK?!

Here’s everything we really want for Christmas.

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Evan Kypreos, Editor

I’m in the Bahamas right now, so that’d be another dark and stormy, plus a suntan lotion-dispensing cyborg elf, please.


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James Laird, News and Features Editor

I’m tempted to be all glib and say a time machine, so we could all travel back and have a second stab at not fecking 2016 up quite so royally, but in actual fact, I’ve realised all I want for Christmas is a robot vac, specifically a Dyson Eye 360.

I had this startling realisation the other day as I was doing the clean up after my annual American football Christmas bash – it’s one of those rare tech toys that would actually improve my life. A close second would be a Kamado Joe grill, because I also realised oven cooked brisket just isn’t the same. And my wild card want is an LED beer pong table.

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Dyson 360 Eye 9

Brett Phipps, Gaming Editor

My phone contract is due up at the turn of the year and I’ve decided now is the time to stop paying a crazy monthly fee for an Apple phone. The decision was made a lot easier by the fact the iPhone 7 is pretty pants, but switching to Android is always scary. I like the fact iOS wraps me up in a protective blanket and keeps the bad apps away.

I initially wanted a Galaxy Note 7, but we all know how that turned out…

So instead I really hope Santa brings me an S7 Edge. Not in gold, though – I’m not an arse.

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Alastair Stevenson, Reviews Editor

I’ve been waiting for my monkey robot butler for years now. Come on Santa, get it sorted?

monkey butler

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Max Parker, Mobile Editor

Dear Santa,

This year, I would love a sack of dongles. Dongles – it’s a funny word, sort of sounds rude. Would you dingle my dongle? In reality, they’re not that exciting, yet I need them.

See, my MacBook Pro might have a fancy Touch Bar, but it relies on Thunderbolt 3 ports and at the minute they’re pretty useless. I can’t plug my camera, iPhone, SD card, other phone, thumb stick or anything else into this laptop. So that’s why I’m asking for all of the DONGLES.

A Thunderbolt 3 to SD card reader would be nice, and a USB-C to regular USB type A would be handy too. Heck, just get me one of those snazzy USB-C hubs that have all the ports and an SD card reader. Maybe include the receipt too, because the last one I had broke after a week. Then the next lasted 3 days. Oh, and one was broken out of the box. Actually, USB-C accessories are pretty rubbish at the minute; maybe I’ll just go back to my MacBook Air.

Thanks, Max (aged 24)

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Sean Keach, Deputy News and Features Editor

Santa probably won’t want to hear this, but I’m hoping that 2016 is the year he finally gets made redundant.

That’s because this Christmas, I want a HTC Vive VR headset (and a suitably high-powered PC to go with it, cheers). Then when next December rolls around, I won’t need to ask for a 60-inch television because I can just simulate one in virtual reality. And my 2018 request for a McLaren P1 will be rendered obsolete because I’ll be cruising in a simulated version, obviously.

And if my girlfriend doesn’t like that I can’t drive her to real-world Tesco for the weekly shop in my virtual supercar then heck, I’ll simulate her too. (Unless I don’t get the VR headset, in which case I love you – please don’t break up with me, dearest snugglemuffin).

Merry Christmas!

P.S. Socks would be great too.

Michael Passingham, Computing Editor

For Christmas, I don’t ask for a physical gift. I instead ask for a pledge from Santa’s laptop-making elves: Stop putting hard disks in laptops.

Understand that Little Johnny and Joan don’t need a 2TB disk in their £350 laptop any more, and can make do with a 256GB SSD instead.

If Little Johnny and Joan understood what they’re missing out on, they’d thank you as well.

Come on, Elves, I’m dreaming of a Solid State Christmas.

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Richard Easton, Wearables and Fitness Editor

A super-charged, drone-delivered Amazon Dash button that can drop me a protein shake or cheeky Nando’s wherever I am at a moment’s notice.

If the drone can also be dumbbell-shaped that would also be appreciated so I can knock out some emergency curls before sending it back on its way.

Amazon Dash line-up

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What do you want for Christmas? Let us know in the comments.