Best GoPro accessories: Must-have mounts and accessories to improve your footage

From dog mounts to head mounts, we list some of the best accessories you can buy for your GoPro to make sure you’re capturing life’s most exciting moments.

The wonderful thing about GoPros is that you’re able to mount them in all manner of ways. Their small size and waterproofing take them places no regular camera would ever dare go, meaning you can get innovative, exciting angles that make even the most mundane footage more captivating. The only problem is knowing what mounts and accessories you need.

Out of the box, GoPros only come with basic adhesive mounts for flat or curved surfaces. This means you’re able to attach the GoPro to something like your helmet or the hood of your car, but anything else will probably require some additional accessories to hold your new camera securely.

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GoPro sells a whole raft of official accessories but there are also plenty of options available from third-party accessory manufacturers as well, often at a much lower price than the official offerings. Still, official GoPro accessories, you can rest assured they’ve been tested thoroughly and come with guaranteed compatibility.

It’s all a bit confusing really, so we thought we’d run you through some of the best accessories you can buy for your GoPro camera, and how you can use them – whether it’s the new and shiny GoPro Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session, or older cameras like the Hero4 and Hero3. Most of these accessories will work across different cameras unless we say otherwise.

We’ll be updating this list over time so keep checking back.

GoPro Karma Grip

gopro karma grip

Shaky footage can be a problem, even with the additional electronic image stabilisation (EIS) in the Hero5 range. To comabt this, GoPro has introduced the GoPro Karma Grip, a handheld gimbal that can also be mounted to other GoPro accessories using an included Karma mounting ring.

The Karma grip can help deliver rock-steady footage using 3-axis stabilisation and is a better alternative to EIS as the latter uses software to stabilise the image and costs you about 10% of the frame. EIS also doesn’t work when shooting 4K, which isn’t a problem with the Karma Grip.

At £290 the Karma Grip is a hefty investment, costing more than a Hero5 Session camera, but it’s worth it if you want professional-looking results. The Karma Grip only works with the GoPro Hero5 Black, Hero5 Session and Hero4 Black. You’ll need to buy a separate harness to use with the latter two cameras, however.

Buy Now at from £289 | from $299

GoPro Remo

GoPro Remo

One of the headline features of the new Hero5 range of cameras is the voice activated controls. These let you give commands such as ‘GoPro start recording’. The only problem is the camera hearing your voice in noisier environments. For this reason, GoPro has released the Remo, a waterproof voice-activated remote. It clips to your clothes or can be worn on your wrist. A built-in microphone will pick up your voice if the camera is mounted out of sight, such as on your head, and there’s also a one-button recording option.

The GoPro Remo costs £73 and only works with the newer GoPro Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session cameras.

Buy Now at from £77 | from $79

GoPro Quik Key

GoPro Quik Key

If you want a quick (geddit) way to transfer footage from your GoPro to your smartphone or tablet, one of GoPro’s Quik Keys will do the job. These come in either Micro USB, USB-C or Lightning variants, so be sure to pick up whichever your device uses. Then, plug one in and insert the microSD card from your GoPro and you can transfer your media through GoPro’s Capture app. A carabiner clip is included, so you can attach it to your keychain for easy access.

At £20 (or £30 if you need the Lightning model) the Quik Key is a little expensive, but if you’re constantly editing on the move it’s far quicker than having to transfer footage over a Wi-Fi direct connection. This is especially the case if you’re shooting 4K footage that’s resulted in large file sizes.

Buy Now at from £19.99 | from $19.99

GoPro Jaws: Flex Clamp

GoPro Jaws

This particular GoPro accessory has gotten me out of a pickle on more than one occasion. Put simply, it’s a really strong clamp that can clamp onto a number of surfaces. Be that fences, poles or the edge of a desk. It’s great if you need to take timelapses, too.

The Jaws: Flex Clamp technically comes as two distinct pieces, the clamp and the goose neck. The gooseneck bends and flexes, letting you adjust the angle. You can also combine the gooseneck with other accessories as it’ll mount happily with GoPro chest or head mounts, letting you get even more clever with camera placement. You can also mount your GoPro directly to the clamp if you don’t need the extra reach of the gooseneck.

The Jaws: Flex Clamp costs £29 and is compatible with all GoPro models.

Buy Now at from £29.99 | from $49.99

GoPro Fetch

GoPro Fetch

Ever wondered what it would be like to see the world from the perspective of your pet? Wonder no more with the GoPro Fetch harness. This harness attaches securely to your pet with a GoPro mounting point on the back and chest areas. Then all you need to do is mount your GoPro of choice and you’re away. Perfect for capturing footage if your pet has more Instagram followers than you.

The GoPro Fetch costs £35 and is compatible with all GoPro models.

Buy Now at from £34.99 | from $39

AmazonBasics Head Strap Camera Mount for GoPro

AmazonBasics Head Mount

Proof that you don’t need to pay the big bucks for GoPro’s own accessories in every instance, Amazon’s cheap and cheerful head strap mount does a perfectly good job for a fraction of the price. Head strap mounts are great for first-person perspective video where you want to keep your hands free.

The AmazonBasics Head Strap Camera Mount for GoPro is available for £7.99 and is compatible with every GoPro model.

Buy Now at from £7.99 | from $7

Sametop Backpack Strap Mount

Sametop Backpack Mount

Perfect for travellers or hikers who are always wearing a backpack, the Sametop Backpack Strap Mount is an inexpensive way to attach a GoPro without feeling like you’re encumbered even further. It simply clamps onto your backpack using an alligator-style clip and then you can rotate the GoPro to the correct perspective. These aren’t designed for use during high-intensity activities, though.

The Sametop Backstrap Mount is compatible with all GoPro models and is available for £7.99.

Buy Now at from £7.99 | from $8.99

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What are some of your favourite GoPro mounts and accessories? Let us know in the comments below.