Onkyo TX-NR626 Deals

By Danny Phillips



January 9, 2014, 11:47 pm

The sound is certainly good on mine, but I found it complicated and confusing to set up, and the Zone 2 feature is worthless.

When setting it up, I wanted to send my Mac's digital out to the PC channel on the amp, but it didn't work until I found both places where I needed to specify this. It gave me a great deal of flexibility, but at the cost of a very confusing setup.

As for Zone 2, I was very disappointed to discover that it only works with analog or "on board" sources. This means it doesn't work with any of my inputs, all of which are digital. So it's worthless. It works with "on board" sources, like the built-in Pandora support, but that's about it. Zone 2 is also very complicated to use. There's a complicated sequence of button presses to make changes to anything in zone 2, and the different sequences are inconsistent with each other. I even have to follow a specific sequence to change the volume in Zone 2 from my remote, even though the remote has 2 volume buttons! The instructions often tell you to hit the volume button on the remote, but never tells you which one. As far as I can figure out, one of them isn't used for anything.

On top of all that, the buttons on the exterior are labeled with very faint text that's impossible to read without a strong light. They probably wanted the text to be unobtrusive visually, but they took it a bit too far. I'm very disappointed.

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