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Onkyo TX-NR515
  • Onkyo TX-NR515
  • Onkyo TX-NR515
  • Onkyo TX-NR515
  • Onkyo TX-NR515
  • Onkyo TX-NR515
  • Onkyo TX-NR515
  • Onkyo TX-NR515
  • Onkyo TX-NR515
  • Onkyo TX-NR515


Our Score:



  • Explosive, detailed performance
  • Lengthy feature list
  • Onscreen menus


  • Can be hard to find music on server
  • No front panel flap

Key Features

  • 7 x 130W amplification
  • DLNA certified
  • Spotify and internet radio
  • Marvell QDEO upscaling to 4K
  • Mobile High-Definition Link
  • Manufacturer: Onkyo
  • Review Price: £499.99

Onkyo has been top dog in the AV receiver world for some time now, but last year’s TX-NR609 was a particularly stunning achievement. It melded the company’s best-ever sound quality with a truly eye-popping array of features, all for a much lower price than you might expect given the spec.

So how do you top that? The answer is you don’t. Onkyo has clearly adhered to the ‘if it ain’t broke’ school of product development with the Onkyo TX-NR515 and its other 2012 brethren.

Onkyo TX-NR515

They’re not exactly the same as last year, with a few new titbits to keep punters interested, but it’s more of a subtle refresh than a wholesale redesign.

This is definitely a good thing, because it means you get all the same network features and music streaming options (including Spotify), plus plenty of power in the tank and even 4K2K upscaling for the next generation of hi-def TVs.

Onkyo TX-NR515

Onkyo has also kept the external design fairly similar, again offering a choice of black or silver. Build quality is satisfying and the front panel is uncluttered, cleverly concealing the main buttonry within the grooves and ridges under the large display panel.

There are a few sockets, including HDMI, USB, composite video and setup microphone inputs, plus a headphone jack, but unlike some of Onkyo’s higher-end models, these aren’t covered up by a flap, which would have offered extra protection. The USB port can be used as a direct connection for iPods or for playing digital media.

Onkyo TX-NR515

Around the back is a healthy array of sockets including seven more HDMI inputs and two outputs, which could come in handy if you want to feed two displays at once. It also offers a Hybrid Standby mode with an HDMI passthrough function, which means you don’t have to turn it on if you just want to watch something through your TV speakers.

Four digital (two coaxial, two optical) and five analogue inputs cater for external audio equipment, while component and composite ins and outs make this a versatile video switcher. An Ethernet port lets you access the network features, but if wires aren’t your thing then Onkyo sells an optional LAN adapter that plugs into the second USB port.

Elsewhere you’ll find line and speaker-level outputs for Zone 2 use, plus not one but two subwoofer pre-outs, which will please bass-heads everywhere.


August 15, 2012, 5:34 pm

I looked long and hard at this Amplifier and on paper it is very very good indeed, the features for the money are extremely impressive. However at the last moment, just before pressing the "buy" button I spotted the flaw.

There's no airplay. And for me on a new AV Amp that's going to last a few years that was a killer.

Instead I've purchased the Yamaha V773. slightly more expensive, but it had everything I needed and also a superb iPad / iPhone app.


August 22, 2012, 8:13 pm

I agree with the comment above. The lack of Airrplay is a real loss.
I presume the licensing is too expensive, but this will put a lot of customers off, myself included.


November 27, 2012, 3:27 am

Those two people up their aren't too smart. The Onkyo NR-515 can be had for $300. That guy's Yamaha V773 costs over $700. So for that extra $400 dollars, he got... AirPlay. Everyone should understand that receivers shouldn't have AirPlay. They have clunky interfaces and hard to navigate menus. For only $100, they could have purchased an Apple TV which offers not only Audio AirPlay, but Video Airplay, all in a slick interface.

Inwall AV

December 17, 2012, 7:23 pm

Lack of AirPlay is relevant but consider the cost differences of moving up and you might find a deal by just adding AirPlay via one of the Apple Airport Express blocks. This is how I used the Express:



May 12, 2013, 8:10 pm

The Onkyo Remote for apple or android
is quite good for adjusting some of the settings on the amp and has
an extra feature that allows you to stream any MP3's on your phone (mine's a note2) to
the 515 over your home network (DLNA). I found this to be a nice surprise and it
worked quite well.


February 24, 2014, 8:02 am

Can you explain how to set it up

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