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Onkyo BD-SP807 Blu-ray Player
Onkyo BD-SP807 Blu-ray Player

5 Pictures - Onkyo BD-SP807 Blu-ray Player

  • Onkyo BD-SP807 Blu-ray Player
  • Onkyo BD-SP807 Blu-ray Player
  • Onkyo BD-SP807 Blu-ray Player
  • Onkyo BD-SP807 Blu-ray Player
  • BD-SP807 BD Player (DVD-RW, DVD-R, CD-RW, Secure Digital SD, Secure Digital High Capacity SDHC, BD-RE, DVD+RW - BD Video, DVD Video, DivX HD, AVCHD, JPEG, Audio CD, MP3 Playback - Progressive Scan)


March 19, 2010, 1:31 pm

I second that opinion of installed memory. Especially when you are paying a premium price for this product, would it have really cost that much to have 1GB of internal memory?

I for one don't use the BD Live functions on my Blu-ray Player, but that's because I just want the player to play Blu-ray movies really well whilst anything in addition I can just go online and check it out. I think all this BD Live business will go the way that multiple angles on DVD movies ending up going, a novelty that will not be really taken advantage of by the mainstream Studios.


March 20, 2010, 12:27 pm

I'd argue that George Lucas is totally overated as far as cinema goes. He stumbled across the early Star Wars hits, totally failed to understand their appeal, as ably demonstrated by the truly appalling prequels, relies on Spielberg for the Indy franchise and makes his money from merchandising (which was what the Star Wars prequels were really about), dodgy TV spin offs and exorbitant THX 'endorsment' licencing fees.

THX brings nothing to the table in the way of technology (unlike Dolby). It's just a self declared set of 'standards' for which you pay handsomely for licensing their logo.

Which brings us around to the Blu-ray player.

I'd like to applaud Onkyo for concentrating on the quality of video and audio reproduction which are by far the most important features to me.

However, do yourself a favour Onkyo - drop the THX badge and spend the money on adding a few extra features or dropping the price of your player.

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