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Olympus E-5 - Test shots: Zoom, Contrast and Colour

By Gavin Stoker



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"Here are some general test shots taken with the E-5 and 12-60mm lens as stated to give an idea of performance ability when it comes to image quality, dynamic range, colour rendition and the lens' focal range."


This stag picture was taken hand held utilising the telephoto end of the zoom in the last available light of the day and, apart from a slight boost in contrast, is the image as delivered by the camera. Deploying the i-Enhance function tends to produce warmer, more flattering images than the camera's default 'natural' setting.


A lovely shallow depth of field here in this close up E-5 image with again an enticingly warm colour tone delivered by the camera, and plenty of detail in evidence for a 'mere' 12MP model.


By way of a direct comparison, here area couple of maximum wide angle images from the E-5 which have not been altered in any way, showing the difference between Natural Picture mode and the warmer tones delivered by selecting i-Enhance instead. The actual colours of the scene at the time fell somewhere between the two.

Overall Score


Scores In Detail

  • Value 7
  • Image Quality 9

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