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Olympus E-5 - Test shots: ISO performance

By Gavin Stoker


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"The following were all shot as Large, Fine quality JPEGs under available natural light, with automatic white balance deployed and the camera set to 'Natural' Picture Mode."


Showing the full frame with ISO set to Auto, the camera has correctly ascertained ISO200 as being up to the task.


The same framing at ISO100 and no noise to report. Nice colours too.


Same shot at ISO200 and similarly no image noise to report.


We're at ISO400 and some very subtle image noise is creeping in.


ISO800 and there's noise, but again hardly at a noticeable level.


Things are taking a turn for the worse at ISO1600, so avoid this setting if you want to avoid noise levels appearing incrementally worse.


Noise is visible across the entire frame at ISO3200.


And looking distinctly gritty in appearance at ISO6400, so this is one to avoid unless you are deliberately aiming for a grainy look and feel.

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