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Numatic HVR 200 Henry



Numatic HVR 200 Henry


Key Features

  • TwinFlo motors
  • 9 litre capacity
  • AutoSave energy function
  • Manufacturer: Numatic
  • Review Price: £100.00

Numatic HVR 200 Henry

There are a lot of fond memories attached to the Numatic Henry, or the Henry Hoover as they’re most commonly known. Henrys are bright little vacuum cleaners with cheerful smiles that most of us have used at one time or another. However, although we can look at them and giggle about how funny they look, we shouldn’t forget that they’re also really good cleaners.

Small and cylindrical, Henry is easy to store in cupboards or any little space you have. Behind that smiley exterior 'he' has giant TwinFlo motors. These TwinFlo motors mean that Henry performs better, has a longer life and will make a lot less noise than traditional vacuum cleaners.

You also get good suction power from Henry, so much so that he’ll even pick up things like cat hair, and he works equally well on carpets or tiled floors. He can be a bit difficult to manoeuvre on carpets, though, and sudden changes in direction can make him topple over. More than a little cumbersome in general, Henry is quite heavy to move around although this added weight is quickly forgotten as you become used to the device.

Despite Henry using bags to collect the dust, it is possible to clean without using bags although this will see you lose some of the suction. With an impressive 9 litre dust capacity, though, you won’t have to change this bag very often — you can get the vacuuming done much more quickly when you’re not changing the bag every five minutes. The bags are also Hepaflo dust bags, which are very clean with good filtration powers.

As Henry automatically starts in an energy-saving mode because of his AutoSave function he’s very eco friendly. He’ll also save you money on your electricity bills. If you need that extra kick of power for deep pile carpets or ground in dirt, however, you can press Henry’s red switch to make him work in Hi mode whilst gives the unit a little extra boost of power.

Other handy Henry features are his cable rewind system, which is handy for his extra long 10-metre cable, and his comprehensive accessories kit.