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Numatic Hetty



Numatic Hetty


Key Features

  • TwinFlo motors
  • 9 litre capacity
  • AutoSave energy function
  • Manufacturer: Numatic
  • Review Price: £110.00

Numatic Hetty

Most people have fond memories of “Henry Hoovers”, the bright little vacuum cleaner with the cheerful smile. Well, this is Hetty. It’s basically Henry with a pink new look, as 'she' still has all the power and the capabilities that Henry had before her — and in fact, some people think Hetty’s a lot quieter than Henry.

Hetty is a small, fun looking, cylindrical vacuum cleaner. She is fitted with giant TwinFlo motors which give increased operating performance, a longer life and make less noise than traditional models. Hetty is also eco-friendly as she’s fitted with AutoSave, which means she’ll automatically start in energy saving mode. Whilst this is good for the environment, it will also reduce your energy bills as it uses almost half the power. For those facing tougher cleaning needs, you can always boost Hetty’s power by pressing the unit's red switch, which will make the vacuum operate in Hi mode.

After it’s been collected up, the dust goes into Hetty’s bags which can then be easily emptied. You can use it without a bag, but you’ll lose some of the suction power. You won’t have to do this very often, though, because the 9 litre dust capacity will take some filling.

The suction power is good, too, as Hetty can even pick up things like cat hair and works well on both carpets and hard floors. Because the two larger rear wheels don’t oscillate Hetty can be a bit difficult to move on carpets — she doesn’t like sudden changes in direction. However getting used to this doesn’t take long. She’s also a bit heavy to move around so it’s a bit cumbersome to use her, especially at first.

There are lots of extra tools and accessories that come with Hetty, but there’s no way of attaching them to the main vacuum cleaner so it’s possible to lose them easily. However apart from these small niggles Hetty is an excellent cleaner and great value for money.