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Norfrost C6AEW



Norfrost C6AEW


Key Features

  • 170 litre capacity
  • A* energy efficiency rating
  • Fast Freeze function
  • Manufacturer: Norfrost
  • Review Price: £170.00

Norfrost C6AEW

The Norfrost C6AEW will not be winning any medals in the field of innovation, but it is good value for money as a basic mid-range chest freezer.

With a capacity of around 170 litres, this freezer will easily serve the needs of an average family household but probably isn’t good for people with heavy duty freezing needs. There are two baskets in the top of the freezer, which can slide from side-to-side for easy access to the food stored below. The baskets have surprisingly good depth, giving you plenty of space to store smaller items which would otherwise be difficult to find, and are a nice change compared to traditional chest freezers where you just throw everything in.

A four-star freezer, the highest rating a freezer can have, the Norfrost C6AEW can store food for up to one year and is further bolstered by an A* energy efficiency rating meaning it is cheap to run, and the motor is quiet, so you will barely notice it whirring in the corner.

The freezer has Fast Freeze capability, meaning that it can drop the temperature of unfrozen foods quickly, to keep them fresher for longer. Unfortunately, this freezer does not have Frost Free technology, which means it will need defrosting from time to time. Customers who have bought this model have said that frost build up can make the freezer lid stick or stop the freezer lid from closing, but as long as the rim of the freezer is kept clear of frost, this build up should not become a problem.

All in all, this freezer is more than fit for its purpose, and with an average retail price of £170, it more than makes up for any drawbacks in its good value.