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Norfrost C4AEW



Norfrost C4AEW


Key Features

  • 108 litre capacity
  • Four star freezer rating
  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: Norfrost
  • Review Price: £150.00

Norfrost C4AEW

The Norfrost C4AEW is a small, uncomplicated chest freezer, with a very reasonable price tag and a reliable build.

With a capacity of 108 litres, this is a small chest freezer, not something for a large household, but ideally suited for an apartment, or home that does not freeze a large amount of food. The unit is square topped, and slightly taller than it is wide, sitting at about waist height. Being taller than it is wide, it will happily accommodate any bulkier items, and is much better suited for this purpose than some of the small upright freezers on offer.

The C4AEW comes with a basket to place in the top of the freezer which can hold smaller items, to save you rummaging around in the chest. As it opens from the top, this freezer will obviously not sit underneath a counter, but being small, it should generally be unobtrusive in a corner.

This freezer is four star rated, meaning it can keep food for up to a year, and has a Fast Freeze function to quickly cool unfrozen foods, keeping them fresher for longer. The C4AEW has the highest energy efficiency rating of 'A', making it cost effective to run. Unlike some chest freezers, this model is not suited for low ambient temperatures, and should be kept indoors. Unfortunately, like most chest freezers, this freezer is not Frost Free, meaning it will need to be periodically defrosted, but being so small, this should not be a large task.

The only real drawback to the C4AEW is that it can be slightly noisy, contrary to what the specification says, it will still produce the familiar gurgling noises that many freezers make. Unfortunately this cannot be avoided, and will generally be the case with all chest freezers.

At around £150, and with very little power consumption, this is freezer is incredible value for money and definitely worth considering if you are in the market for a small freezer.