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Nokia Purity In Ear WH-920
Nokia Purity In Ear WH-920

4 Pictures - Nokia Purity In Ear WH-920

  • Nokia Purity In Ear WH-920
  • Nokia Purity In Ear WH-920
  • Nokia Purity In Ear WH-920
  • Nokia Purity In Ear WH-920


February 8, 2013, 4:20 pm

I just bought this one today, because I had an issue with my previous in ear headphones (I drop it into water though), I see that they're cutting down the price for the black one to around $ 48/49 so I just want try it.

As I experience it, this isn't quite Monster earphone quality that I expected (I'm comparing it with Monster Turbine that my friend bought for $47 from the manufacturer). The bass is little bit more comfort than my Philips SHE8000 that I bought for $ 27/28 (My previous earphone, which is a bit tubby) even tough I don't feel any 'WOW' effect that I expected from Monster earphones. This Purity lack of detail compared with my SHE8000. I notice that some treble 'sparkle' like chimes are missing. This earphones is for one who look for bass oriented earphone I think. I found it that the sound is pretty common and for that price class, it isn't quite the competitive one.

I used it on my Ipod Shuffle, and it comes that it is better than my SHE8000, it produced a nice smooth bass though still missing some treble. I used it on my PC, the sound isn't quite distinct.

For the comfort, the Purity really doesn't like to 'sit' in my ear for too long. I notice that after around an hour or some heavy move, the buds will eventually slide away from my ear so I have to re-seat it (exactly as I just read here). Fitting it doesn't quite smooth thing to do compared with my SHE8000. The dangling cable also an issue when you touch the cable or when they hit my shirt (though the same thing happen with my Philips SHE8000, which in SHE8000 case even worse because the cable is a rubber made that sticky with other thing) For the comfort in ear, I rate that my Philips is the winner (it doesn't move around so easy and they sit very easy in my ear) This earphone definitely not for a person which is like to running around or use in in the gym.

The cable a little bit too long, plus the extend for my Nokia 701, it's not quite hassle free for me.

The volume and music control doesn't work with my Nokia 701 (which is using Symbian Belle platform running) thought the middle button still working for voice recognition, which you can make a call by touching it.

Overall, it is a good product but the price is not very competitive for the market.


October 2, 2013, 7:01 pm

bought them year ago......using on samsung galaxy s3, fortunately media keys do a good job(which i dint expect to be as they are specifically made for nokia lumia) but with the passage of time one of its ear stops working. have to send to claim warranty every 2months....for me its waste of money should get different pair of earphones if you are not a nokia user...

Lestat de Lioncourt

March 31, 2014, 7:07 am

did not even reached six months and one of its ear stop working what a piece of shet!

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