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July 23, 2012, 8:45 pm

Nocs NS400 is the best earphones I've come over so far. I listen a lot to classical music, and the sound is incredibly detailed and perfectly balanced.

Unfortunately the headset was broken a couple of weeks ago, but luckily I could pick up a pair of new ones a few days ago because it was within the guarantee period. And even better; I got what appears to be the updated NS400 with enforcements at both ends of the remote control (small sleeves that was obviously needed, because that is probably where one or more cords inside the cable on my earphones broke), and though I am not entirely sure, the performance feels slightly better than the old ones. Though that does not really matter to me, because the sound was absolutely fabulous in the first place.

For those of you that have decided to buy these great earphones, look for the grey box, the red and slightly larger box is the old version! (Curiously enough, the NS400 image at Nocs' own web page shows the old model, but look at the image of the NS800 remote control, that's how the NS400 remote looks, except the rounded edges).

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