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Nikon D7000 - Test shots: Detail and Lens Performance

By Gavin Stoker


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Nikon D7000


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A selection of test shots are revealed on this page and next to act as an evaluation of the D7000 in a variety of shooting conditions and all with the supplied image stabilised 18-105mm test lens attached.


This close up interior wide angle shot taken with the Nikon D7000 and lit only with natural daylight reveals bags of crisp detail, but tell tale barrel distortion witnessed in the apparently leaning bottles to the left side of frame.

Full res crop


Another wide angle shot taken with 18-105mm kit lens attached, outside this time and with more natural shape and form absorbing and disguising any fisheye type effect. Plenty of fine detail too in the strands of the over-hanging tree

Full res crop


The versatile, all-encompassing focal range of the supplied lens can be used not just for landscapes but portraits too, as here. Some loss of highlight detail due to sun streaming through window blinds. But these would be testing conditions for any digital SLR, and, again, overall a pleasing level of detail but flatteringly, not overly-sharp


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