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Nikon D3100 - Test shots: Zoom, Contrast and Colour

By Gavin Stoker



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Nikon D3100


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Here are some general test shots taken with the Nikon D3100 and 18-55mm VR-equipped zoom to give an idea of performance ability when it comes to image quality, dynamic range, colour rendition and the focal range provided.


With the Vivid option selected from amongst the D3100's Picture Control options, the natural foliage of this scene takes on a additional lusciousness, but also serves to highlight some obvious pixel fringing creeping into the top right hand corner of the frame


Back to more naturalistic colour here and the DSLR has picked up on the lovely dappled effect of these leaves that appear almost painted on. Again some visible pixel fringing because of pointing the lens skyward and the contrast between light and dark, but that's not what draws the eye


A wide angle shot with pretty uniform sharpness front to back. Albeit we've lost detail in the sky again. The colours here are the closest to the actual ones at the time of the test shots we've included


Another colour-rich image to highlight the vibrant markings on the ducks and goose. There's sufficient detail here to be able to pick out the delicate feather arrangement on the Egyptian goose, centre of frame


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  • Value 9
  • Image Quality 8

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