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By Cliff Smith



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Like the compact cameras in Nikon's L-series, the L110 has a very limited range of features. It has five main shooting modes. The basic Auto mode provides the most versatility, but even here there are only five menu options, image size, white balance, continuous shooting, ISO and five basic colour options.

Nikon CoolPix L110 back

The Scene Mode offers 14 scene programs, although these are all fairly standard with settings for portrait, landscape, night portrait, parties, beach/snow, dusk/dawn etcetera. The Smart Portrait mode includes face and smile detection, while the Sport Continuous mode shoots up to 30 frames at 13fps, but only at three megapixel resolution. As well as these there is an Easy Auto mode aimed at those for whom the knapped flint hand axe represents dangerously advanced technology. In this mode all options but image size are automatic.

Nikon CoolPix L110 side

The L110 has a considerably more advanced video recording mode than the L100. It can shoot at 1280 x 720 resolution and 30fps. The autofocus can be used while shooting, as can the optical zoom, with the zoom action slowing down to a more video-friendly speed. The zoom motor is virtually silent in this mode, and cannot be heard on the audio track. Stereo audio is recorded by two small microphones mounted on the top of the camera, just behind the pop-up flash. The video quality is very good and so is the audio, but the stereo separation is almost non-existent and lacks directionality, not too surprising considering the position and close proximity of the microphones.

Nikon CoolPix L110 side

The L110 is equipped with Nikon's sensor-shift image stabilisation system, and it is very effective. Given the lack of shutter speed control it's hard to judge accurately, but it is capable of producing consistently sharp shots at full zoom at shutter speeds as low as 1/30th of a second, which is very impressive. There are a few features in playback mode too, including Nikon's D-Lighting option, which boosts shadow detail when applied to high contrast shots. It is effective and produces good results, but like most such settings it doesn't really help with burned out highlights.


April 16, 2010, 8:24 am

Thanks for the review. I have been looking for a mega-zoom camera. Panasonic FZ35 is my choice but it's not available in my place. I live in Indonesia Batam Island...

Nikon L110 is now available here with very a competitive price. But without many manual control is a minus point for me. And the image quality seems not that good...


April 16, 2010, 3:28 pm

@andy1m: consider a Pentax X90 :)


April 16, 2010, 9:06 pm

Where did you find 9/10 for Value? 8/10 for Build Quality, 6/10 for Features and 7/10 for Image Quality, that lot together is no better than 7/10 on paper for the Value. But in reality, facing the competition at about the same price, this Nikon is worth very little indeed. (Purely personally, 7/10 for Image Quality at over £150 = avoid whatever the other scores may be.) Amazing from Nikon, a development program that has borne virtually nothing.


April 26, 2015, 9:32 am

I have had the piece of $#!@ camera for about 5 years and I have had enough! I just returned from another vacation where I again was cheated out of a once-in-a-lifetime photo due to the batteries being exhausted. The damn camera has no rechargeable battery pack, has no battery meter, and no warning about battery condition until time to shoot the next photo and then it displays "battery exhausted" and you are finished. Even if you carry an extra supply of AA batteries, it takes too long to replace them "in the moment". The only alternative is to replace the batteries every damn time you go to use the camera--a rather expensive proposition. I even tried lithium batteries and they last a little longer, but it is still unpredictable how long. I am going to list it on EBay for the some sucker to be the highest bidder and get it out of my life once and for all. If anyone wants to buy this POS cheap, reply here.

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