Nike+ FuelBand Deals

Luke Johnson

By Luke Johnson



December 7, 2013, 10:57 pm

I agree with this review especally the ability to see how many steps you've done. Of course "Nike Fuel" is a solely Nike invention with no equivalents in science or other devices, so it's irritatign that it dominates all the metrics. But there are two serious problems: (a) for those of us who use an iPad to track performance, the fact that the batteries need charging every 2 days or so is a real problem. And of course they go flat suddenly, with no warning. So you lose the rest of that day until you realise you need to find a PC and plug it in! So you really need to charge it via a USB port every night to avoid losing some of the following day's data; and (b) the packet and Nike say it monitors sleep. It doesn't. What it does is require you you initiate sleep tracking as an Activity - but the limit on Activity tracking is 6 hours. So your sleep tracking is never complete (unless you sleep <6 hours). And there's no analysis of depth of sleep as far as I can see....
PS. the Bluetooth linking to an iPad is strange. It seems to link (not consistently) but if you ask the iPad if there's a Bluetooth device it's comunicating with it will say "no!".

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