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Zumreed X2 Hybrid Headphones Convert To Speakers

David Gilbert


Zumreed X2 Hybrid Headphones Convert To Speakers

Tired of having to share your headphones with your friends’ greasy ears just so they can hear your favourite new track? Yes, we are too, and so the launch of the Zumreed X2 Hybrid Headphones could be the answer to our prayers.

The Hybrid part of the name might give you a hint as to the unique selling point of these cans. Not only can you listen privately to your music with the X2 Hybrid Headphones, you can transform them into a pair of speakers.

Simply flick the switch from headphones to speaker and the drivers on the outside kick in. You can rotate the ear cups so the headphones speakers stand upright on any flat surface, meaning you don’t have to end up holding them while your friends dance to the tunes.

Zumreev x2 hybrid headphones

The speakers are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery via USB, and when fully charged will give you 4hrs play time and obviously there is no charging required to use them simply as headphones.

According to the press release, the Zumreed X1 Hybrid Headphones will “enhance any music genre, from hardcore Belgian trance to Mexican pan pipes, and everywhere in between" - though we have our concerns about anything enhancing Mexican pan pipe music.

The headphones are made from a glossy plastic and will ship with 3.5mm and 6.3mm gold-plated stereo plugs.

These will be available exclusively in RED5 online and high street shops and can be pre-ordered now for £119.99 and they will be available in red, black or white.

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