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YouView Finalises Tech Spec And Announces New Partners

David Gilbert


YouView Finalises Tech Spec And Announces New Partners

It seems as if YouView has been going no where fast since it was officially launched last year but it looks like Alan Sugar’s appointment as non-executive chairman last month has had the desired effect.

Yesterday, it published its final core technical specification for launch and announced further device partners. The announcement will allow manufacturers to see what specifications they will have to conform to when constructing the set-top boxes, which will deliver the YouView service including access to on-demand and live TV. The document details the technology used and needed to deliver broadcast TV and on-demand IP-based content to a TV from a broadband enabled device. The YouView Core Technical Specification references the Digital Television Group’s D-Book 7, which will please the group, which is made up of 140 organisations involved in TV, as this brings in Connected TV standards to help ensure that industry develops devices that are interoperable.

As well as publishing the tech specs, YouView announced four new partners who have signed up to produce set-top boxes for the platform. Huawei, Manhattan , Pace and Vestel will join Humax, Technicolor and Cisco in producing the units. “We’re delighted to confirm the final launch specification for YouView to help any manufacturer develop a connected TV device. Through promoting common technical standards for connected TV, consumers will get the widest possible range of devices supporting high quality content,” said Richard Halton, CEO, YouView.

Despite this announcement we are no nearer knowing when the YouView service will be rolled out. Initially slated for a summer 2011 launch, that has been scrapped and latest reports suggest we won’t be seeing the service until 2012 - though if Lord Sugar continues to crack the whip we may see it sooner.

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