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YouTube starts rolling out fan funding option



YouTube has added the option to fund content creators directly from their video pages in several territories.

While the traditional way to make money out of YouTube is through advertising, it's now possible to reward your favourite YT personalities with a direct cash injection.

As noticed by Android Police, the feature Google promised earlier in the summer is now live in four countries - the US, Australia, Japan, and Mexico.

It allows content creators to overlay a small icon in the top left corner of their video. Hover over that icon, and you may just get a banner containing the option to support the video's creator. Another implementation involves clicking the icon, which conjures a pop-up message to the same effect.

The funding itself is handled through Google Wallet, of course, and YouTube will take a small cut of all donations. In the US this amounts to 21 cents plus 5 percent of the total amount.

This new fan funding option is avilable on both the desktop browser version of YouTube in the above countries and in the latest Android YouTube app.

While there are only four countries supported at present, over in the support blurb Google claims that it wants to "bring Fan Funding to more countries around the world as soon as possible."

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I am unanimous in that

September 2, 2014, 9:58 am

Crikey constant moniterisation of these popular websites and you thought irritating adverts were bad enough. You are seeing this everywhere, on games consoles with every updates claiming to offer you ever easier ways to buy overpriced digital content, all over facebook with so called 'Free to pay' games. Watch someone on Twitch and you get constant messages to subscribe for a fiver.

If someone has got a popular channel on Youtube / Vine/ Twitch they are making money from shared advertising revenue, I don't see any need to top that up with additional donations so that Google/Youtube can cream another 5% off for basically doing didly squat.


September 2, 2014, 10:20 am

Well I kind of agree and disagree, it depends on how they
implement it. if Fan Funding is implemented in a way by which you are paying
for the service and so you don’t then get adverts/pop ups when watching then I think
it’s a good idea. If however its just another revenue stream and doesn’t actually
offer any benefits/features other than milking more money from Fans then it
gets a major MEH from me

Similar to my views on free to play apps, I think the best
implementation of free to play is where although you can pay to unlock the app
and free up all the features/remove advertising/get ahead than you would normally
good example of this, yes there are a lot of “repair” points, but you are still
able to play the game and it doesn’t artificially stop me playing the game by
putting a pay wall up. On the flip side, apps that you pay for but include
adverts anyway are the spawn of the devil

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