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YouTube Gets Cosmic Panda Makeover

David Gilbert


Cosmic Panda

What exactly is a Cosmic Panda? An intrepid space-travelling black-and-white bear? Or, if you were living in the 60s or 70s, would it have been just a really cool, right-on and groovy Panda? We’re not really sure but what we do know is that this is what those groovy guys at Google have named the latest experimental YouTube refresh.

Cosmic Panda is the makeover from Google for the video sharing website in line with the makeovers we have already seen for Google search, calendar and Gmail. A minimalist, clean-lines approach is all the rage at Mountain View at the moment in a bid to get everything ready for integration with Google Plus. Users of the regular YouTube website won’t see anything different at the moment but if you want to try out the new-look cosmic layout then you can right here.

Cosmic Panda

As well as offering a cleaner look, the Cosmic Panda update gives users access to updated editing tools for personalising your YouTube profile and allows you to keep watching a video while browsing other playlists – but only if you are using Chrome.

YouTube will be looking for users’ feedback as they use the new-look website and will make changes to reflect these comments. With eight days of footage uploaded to the video sharing site every day and 3 billion views in each 24 hour period, there is no sign that anyone is getting tired of the old YouTube but as we mentioned above, consistency seems to be the new watch word at Google these days. As such we imagine that no matter what feedback is received by Google, Cosmic Panda is here to stay and we’ll be seeing its widespread roll out sooner rather than later.

Source: You Tube Blog

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